#tbt to that one time @BlaiseSHill and I tried that whole in front of the camera thing. We took our jobs very serious.
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If this doesn’t explain our friendship idk what else does. @laurenmicale #missyou 😘❤️
08.16.14 /15:39
Happy 21st Birthday to this sexy lady!!! Miss you sooo much @lizc0llins and i can’t wait to celebrate when we get back to school!! I hope you’re celebrating in style boo!!😘2⃣1⃣🎉🎊🎉
08.10.14 /14:48
#tbt chillin’ like a villain…some things never change.
07.31.14 /18:21


i can’t fucking deal with elephants. i never see an elephant and not want to sob until i die

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Sworn In - Death (x)
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